Service & Repairs

Pacific Pools | Texas Pool Service & Repair

Service Team

Our knowledgeable service team is here to assist you with anything from small repairs and inspections to complete equipment upgrades and automation. They are committed to helping you understand what is needed for your pool and why. They present options for repair or replacement wherever possible, and are always open to your input and desires on work needed. Turn around times on repairs and projects are kept  as short as possible. We do everything we can to accommodate your needs and keep your pool and equipment functioning at the highest level.

Some of our Services Include

Equipment Diagnostics

Equipment Repair, Replacement, Upgrade, and Automation

Filter Clean

Algae Removal

Green Pool Clean-Up

Pool Drain and Clean

Mastic Replacement

Chlorine Wash

Calcium Cleans

Salt Cell Cleaning

Stone Sealing

Filter Maintenance Program

Our filter maintenance program offers cleanings for DE Filters, Cartridge Filters, and Salt Cells at a discounted rate. On the program your clean is set up on a recurring schedule. DE filters are scheduled for once every 6 months, Cartridge Filters every 3 months, and Salt Cells every 3 months.

Service Request Form

 If you would like to request a service visit, please call the office to schedule, or submit via the request form here.