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Pool Accessories for 2022

Spring has sprung, and summer is on its way! It's time to start thinking about getting your pool ready for swimmers. If there are any last-minute upgrades or purchases you want to make, the time to tackle it is now!

Pool Features


Make your pool feel like a lagoon when you add a grotto to the landscape. A grotto allows for swimmers to hide away in this little cave, adding to the relaxing nature of the pool.


Upgrade the grotto by adding a waterfall over the top. This waterfall could also act as a door or shield to the entryway of the grotto, making the space even more private. The added sound effects of running water will also enhance the tranquility of your pool area.


While waterslides are usually thought of as kid elements, they can be enjoyed by people of all ages! They're a great way to add an element of excitement to an otherwise tranquil space and will typically boost the value of your pool in the eyes of potential home buyers.

Solar Cover

This is the most practical of the new features, but consider adding a solar pool cover to the list of improvements you could make. It serves two purposes: keeping your pool clean and free of debris and generating solar electricity that you can use to heat your pool.

Pool Accessories

As for accessories, there are the classics like pool noodles and pool floats so you can relax on the water, but you can also upgrade the float experience by getting a giant unicorn float, citrus slice, or whatever shape suits your personality!

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